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Unleash the power of no code platform for modern applications. Build, Provision, Run and Scale Cloud Native Applications by leveraging your team's current capabilities.

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SmartHub's INFER Edge Solutions needed the ability to provision our services across various public clouds in addition to on premise k8s environments. Using gopaddle's Propeller and the team's support, it was relatively easy for us to deploy our large set of microservices and stateful components on k8s across clouds. We are also looking forward to leveraging their operations and monitoring capabilities.
Ajith Kumar Ravindranathan
Technical Leadership, Distributed Systems as SaaS/On-Prem Services, SmartHub

What gopaddle can do for you

Automate Code to Kubernetes transformation

Accelerate Modernization

Choose your source code repository and let gopaddle do rest of the magic. Transform your project to a Kubernetes project in minutes.
  • Intelligent Scaffolding
  • Automatic Source to Docker Image Conversion
  • Automatic YAML file generation for Kubernetes resources
Automate Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD)

Increase Productivity

Leverage Out-of-the-box DevOps capabilities in the platform to simplify application maintenance, automate end-to-end software release pipelines and increase the release velocity.
Eliminate manual errors due to human factor and save time to modernize applications. Debug and resolve issues faster than before using the built-in developer tools.
Increase release velocity by automating release pipelines in simple steps. Synchronize communication across the team through a unified dashboard.
Centralized Multi-Cloud and Edge Management

Increase Operational Efficiency

Provision and manage Kubernetes environments across public clouds, on-premise and edge locations. Eliminate Cluster sprawl by centrally managing the environments from a single dashboard.
  • Multi-Cloud Cluster Provisioning (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • Scalable Storage management solution for stateful applications
  • Manage Edge & On-premise Hybrid Environments
  • Goverance and compliance

Seamless Integrations

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More Than Just A Platform

No Code Transformation

YAML-free modernization helps in rapid cloud native transformation. Import your existing Kubernetes projects or on-board a source code project to Kubernetes without having to write Dockerfiles or Kubernetes YAMLfiles.

Security & Compliance

In-built guard rails and vulnerability scanning for a secure deployment. Better team co-ordination and governance through role based access control (RBAC) across the team.

Simplified Day 2 Operations

Out-of-the-box DevOps tooling for managing network (ingress, SSL, firewall and loadbalancers), storage, monitoring, alerting and logging for easy maintenance

Granular Version Control

Granular versioning of Kubernetes artifacts helps in separation of accountability across Dev & Ops teams. Auditing of changes in the system prevents unnoticed changes getting in to a release.

gopaddle vs Traditional Modernization

Write Dockerfiles Auto-generated Manual
Write Kubernetes Spec (YAML) files Auto-generated Manual
Granular RBAC
Seperation of Concerns
Granular Audit Trails
DevOps automation
Out-of-the-box Manual Setup
Release & Distribution Management
Cluster Provisioning & Management Centralized Individual Cloud Console
Cost Effective

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