Discover the secret of YAML-free Modernization

Build, Deploy and Maintain Cloud Native Applications with ease.

Save time and effort

Rapid TransformationComprehensive Cloud Native Service Catalog

Use ready-to-use and reconfigurable service templates to increase DevOps team's productivity and drastically reduce the Cloud Native transformation efforts.

Deploy with certainty

Policy based managementBetter governance of Kubernetes Deployments

Proactively set controls, measure and perform the perfect Cloud Native deployments with policies governing resource consumption, security, scalability and application maintenance.

Effectively manage stateful applications

Manage Stateful Workloads with easeVolume monitoring, Volume retention and Session management

Retain data across application upgrades, and ensure data reliability. Monitor and manage multiple Volumes across different services in a single dashboard.


What people say ?

SmartHub's INFER Edge Solutions needed the ability to provision our services across various public clouds in addition to on premise k8s environments. Using gopaddle's Propeller and the team's support, it was relatively easy for us to deploy our large set of microservices and stateful components on k8s across clouds. We are also looking forward to leveraging their operations and monitoring capabilities.

Ajith Kumar Ravindranathan

App Centric DevOps

Whitepaper Getting applications to market with speed and reliability while building an engaging customer base has become a highly sought after competitive advantage. Cloud technology is a key enabler in accelerating the time to market as it reduces the operational overhead to provision and maintain environments ...

Cloud Native Transformation in few minutes

How it Works


Provision Kubernetes Clusters

Provision Kubernetes clusters on multiple cloud platforms using a simple centralized wizard.


Enable Docker Registry

Enable the Cloud provided Docker Registry or a custom Registry from where you can push or pull Docker Images.


Intelligent Scaffolding

Clone your source code and run a single gopaddle command to initialize the repo.


Watch gopaddle in action

No Dockerfile, No Kubernetes specification file required. gopaddle automatically scaffolds, builds the docker image, creates required Kubernetes artifacts and deploys the application to the cluster.

0 mins