Transform microservices to Docker Images

While you focus on the business critical applications, gopaddle does the heavy lifting of modernizing and automating the software builds.

Automatic Source to Image Conversion

Transform source code project to a Docker image through a single command or through a GUI based wizard approach. gopaddle builds the guard rails for building Docker the right way. It auto-generates Dockerfiles on the fly.

Build on Kubernetes Environments

Eliminate the need for dedicated build environments. Utilize one of your Kubernetes environments for building docker images. Scale up or scale down build environments based on build capacity.

Continuous Integration

Implementing Continous Integration (CI) is just a click away. Enable CI based on branches and tags across popular source control systems like github, gitlab and bitbucket.

Scan for Vulnerability

Eliminate security breaches through proactive vulnerability scans. gopaddle has in-built tools that automatically scans docker builds for popular threats and vulnerabilities with great accuracy.

Manage Releases and Distributions

Performing parallel releases and maintaining multiple distributions for multi-channel delivery is no longer a complex task.

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