Multi-Cloud Managementfrom a single control plane

Provision multi-zone clusters across Amazon EKS, Google GKE, Azure AKS or on-board an existing Kubernetes cluster securely. Manage node pools that can automatically scale based on workload utilization.

Centralized Multi-Cloud Management

How it works ?

gopaddle seamlessly integrates with AWS, Google and Azure and provisions the managed clusters along with the necessary network and security components. You can on-board an existing on-premise cluster via Bastion Host using its kube configuration file. gopaddle automatically installs Prometheus, Grafana and other add-ons into the cluster. This helps gives visibility in to various events and metrics of workloads deployed in the cluster. With centralized management, never loose sight of the resources deployed across different environments.

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DevOps in a box

gopaddle 'Lite' All the automation you need is now available as a minimal version.

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Why Gear ?


  • Multi-zone Support

    Create highly available clusters that span across multiple zones

  • Node logs and metrics

    gopaddle provides node logs and metrics that help to analyze any node failures.

  • Built-In Addons

    Prometheus, Grafana and event exporters are automatically deployed with the cluster to get deeper insights in to workload metrics.

  • Connect via Bastion Host

    Securely on-board on-premise clusters via bastion host.