Hassle free provisioning

Get your cluster up and running in simple steps. Manage clusters across hybrid environments, all from a single console.

Edge and On-premise Support

On-board microk8s based Edge clusters or OpenStack based on-premise clusters.

Secure access through Bastion Host

Securely access any remote cluster by registering it through Bastion Host.

Built-in Cluster add-ons

Get in-built add-ons like Prometheus, Grafana, Storidge and Configuration management tools for easy maintenance.

Terraform Automation

Import or use a gopaddle provided in-built terraform template for provisioning clusters. Manage these clusters from a single console.

Persistent Volume Support

Dynamically provision persistent volumes across AWS, Google, and Azure Cloud platform. Use intelligent storage clustering solutions like Storige or a remote filesystem like NFS to provision storage for remote/on-premise clusters.

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