Deploy 2X times faster by reducing manual errors

Speed up your deployments by leveraging built-in automation and YAML free wizards to create robust deployments.

YAML Free transformation

Use GUI based wizards and command line utility to create and manage Kubernetes artifacts. Visualize resource dependencies in a user friendly dashboard.

Templatize your deployments

Build Comprehensive deployment templates that can be built-once and deployed-anywhere. Share templates as a contract between Dev, QA and Ops teams and standardize CI/CD release pipelines.

Simplified Day 2 Operations

Leverage built-in developer tools like logging and console access to identify and debug issues quickly.

Policy driven deployments

Set capacity, network and security policies for provisioning resources in Kubernetes.

Out-of-the-box DevOps tools

Deploy faster with in-built Monitoring, logging, alerting, auditing and role based access controls.

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