Why gopaddle ?

gopaddle is an Application Centric Kubernetes platform that addresses all the challenges of building, deploying and managing large scale modern day distributed applications. It offers an IDE for building Cloud Native Applications and an in-built artifact management system to version control all the Kubernetes and Docker artifacts.

gopaddle simplifies the Developer responsibilities by automatically converting source code and build artifacts to Docker Image. Kubernetes based build environments reduces the build time and supports parallel builds for workloads of different build capacity requirements. Cloud Agnostic Templates help in building larger applications composing multiple microservices. IT operators can deploy these cloud agnostic templates without much reconfiguration. gopaddle offers in-built DevOps tools that can be extended and customized using side car patterns.

Save Cost & Build Faster

Convert Kubernetes Clusters to Build EnvironmentsShared Environments for all types of Linux Workloads

In a traditional build environment, a dedicated node or a Virtual Machine (VM) with a specific Linux Operating System (OS) distribution needs to be kept aside for OS specific compilation - say a dedicated VM for compiling on CentOS, Ubuntu etc. Kubernetes based build environments support compiling on different types of Linux OS with less number of nodes or Virtual Machines. A single node in a Kubernetes cluster can host multiple build environments with different Linux OS. This can greatly save cost. gopaddle not only helps to provision Kubernetes clusters on AWS, Google, Azure or even onboard an existing Kubernetes cluster, it also helps to reuse these clusters as build environments. Developers can decide the size of these build environments based on the build time requirements such as CPU and Memory consumption.

Reduce Configuration Errors

Build Once Deploy AnywhereCloud Agnostic Application Templates

Larger applications can be built by composing multiple services in to a single deployment template. These templates are cloud and environment agnostic so that they can be deployed on any environment without much reconfiguration. Runtime tunables like loadbalancers, ingress and environment variables can be chosen at the time of deployment based on the target environments. With this, the same deployment template can be reused across the entire software lifecycle across Dev, QA and production stages, thus reducing the risk of configuration errors.

Highly Available Storage Integrations

Cloud Native Storage PoolsShared Storage and Storage Clusters

Running stateful applications on Kubernetes requires careful planning on how the underlying storage is provisioned and scaled. gopaddle integrates with shared storage solutions like NFS Provisioners and Cloud Native Storage Clustering solutions like Storidge to ensure that the storage scales along side the workloads and reduce the risk of data loss.

Centralized Cluster Management

Multi/Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Zone ClustersProvision Clusters across Clouds, or on-board an existing Cluster

gopaddle provides the control plane to provision and manage clusters across different public clouds like AWS, Google and Azure with a unified interface. Nodepools can be provisioned across regions and zones and can be seamlessly scaled up. gopaddle automatically adds Prometheus monitoring capabilities to the newly provisioned cluster for deeper insights in to the workloads deployed on the cluster. A hybrid environment can be managed by registering an existing on-premise Kubernetes cluster.